Have the potential to start their own business and open a sole proprietorship? At some point, realized that you work closely with the status of the individual entrepreneur. Not a problem. You can close the IP in Rostov-on-Don and register LLC.

There is a decision to reorganize the organization? We will take care of this complicated procedure and will keep you informed as it proceeds. Please note that in the case of company reorganization it makes sense to be concerned about the fate of your trademark. We can help you carry out registration of the transfer of exclusive rights to the trademark without a contract. 

Decided to create your own trademark and register it - contact us! It's time to renew your trademark - call us or leave an application on our website.

Do not agree with the decision of the court of first instance and plan to appeal - we will prepare an appeal or cassation appeal and send it for you.

Decided to open a medical center or pharmacy? In these cases you need an appropriate license.     

Engaged in intensive economic activities and do not have time to check the proposed contractors? We can take care of this routine of contract work